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DescriptionPublish YearData Year
2005 Annual Patient Safety Report20072005
2008 KIDS COUNT Data Book20082008
2008 Tennessee Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Fact Sheets20102008
America's Health Rankings – 200720082007
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey Report 2005 20072005
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Fact Sheets Tennessee20072005
Burden of Asthma in Tennessee 20082006
Burden of Cancer in Tennessee20071999-2008
Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke in Tennessee, An Update, 200720072005
Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke in TN 2006: Full Technical Report20072002
Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke in TN 2006: Summary Report20072002
Burden of Tobacco in Tennessee20081996-2007
Childhood Asthma in Tennessee: 1997-200720091997-2007
Childhood Obesity 20072004
Communicable and Environmental Disease Services, 2006 Annual Report20082006
Countdown to Progress 2005 - A County Data Book20072005
Cover Tennessee20062006
Data Book Healthcare Spending and the Medicare Program20062004
Healthy States Trends Alert – What Are States Facing? Costs of Chronic Diseases20062006
Hospital Acquired Infections Report, 200520052005
Hospitalizations in Tennessee, 2008 20102008
Impact of TennCare: A Survey of Recipients 200720072007
Infant Mortality in Tennessee 1997-200620091997-2006
Infectious Diseases in Children, March 200620062004
Life Expectancy in Tennessee 2004-200620102004-2006
Long Term Care Report, 200520062005
Low Birthweight in Tennessee 1994-200420072004
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infections Report and Recommendations of the Tennessee Department of Health Infections Taskforce20082008
Mothers and Babies: The Health of Tennessee's Future20062005
National Report Card on State of Emergency Medicine20062006
Obesity Report20062005
Populations of Color in Tennessee: Health Status Report.20062006
Prevalence of Tobacco Use in Tennessee, 1997-200720082007
Regional Epidemiology Meeting, May 2006 20062006
Spatial Distribution of Chronic Diseases in Tennessee State Senate Districts20082004 - 2005
State of Men's Health, Tennessee20062005
State Plan for Public Health20062006
Tennessee Birth Defects 2002-200620102002-2006
Tennessee Birth Defects 2003-2007 20102003-2007
Tennessee Birth Defects 2004-200820112004-2008
Tennessee Birth Defects Registry Report (2007)20072003
Tennessee Department of Children's Services, Annual Report FY 05-0620072006
Tennessee Hospital Charge Reports 200420042004
Tennessee Hospital Charge Reports 200520072005
Tennessee Improving Patient Safety20072007
Tennessee Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Report 200820102008
Tennessee Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System - 200920122009
Tennessee Youth Tobacco Survey Summary, 200420072004
Tennessee's Health Picture of the Present 200520072005
Tennessee’s Racial Disparity in Infant Mortality, Special Report 200620062004
The Burden of Asthma 2001-201020122001-2010
TN Improving Patient Safety - Unusual Event Report, 200520072005
TN Improving Patient Safety – Executive Summary, Unusual Event Summary Report, 200520072005
Using Web-Based Data to Advance Access to Care 20062006
Why Not the Best? Results from the National Scorecard on U.S. Health System Performance, 200820072008
Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results 2007-199920071999-2007

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